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image of the school library Our library houses a collection of fiction, non-fiction and audio-visual resources suitable for years prep – 10. Currently we have approximately 14,500 catalogue records. Some of the items catalogued in our collection include:

  • Junior fiction books
  • Fiction books
  • Non-fiction books
  • Teacher reference books and kits
  • Audio-visual material including kits, video and DVD recordings
  • Computer software
  • Internet sites
  • Reading schemes
  • Mathematics resources
  • Board games

Our library staff make every effort to acquire resources that are relevant. We encourage requests and feedback from staff and students.

Library automation system

Our library system is fully automated, using the Libcode system. Our students are explicitly taught the use of the enquiry module to search for resources from year 4 through to year 7. This is re-inforced when the students reach year 8 as we have some students from feeder schools.

Cataloguing system

We use the Dewey Decimal System for our cataloguing. Our cataloguing is done using SCIS, an online cataloguing service. This guarantees consistency of cataloguing with most other school libraries in Australia. It also minimizes the chance of errors in location of resources.

Opening times

Our library is open daily from 8.30 am, and during first and second breaks.

Borrowing policy

All students are encouraged to use the resources of the school library regularly. We have a good range of novels and lots of interesting non-fiction books.

  • Prep to 1 students: limit 1 book
  • Year 2-7 students: limit 2 books
  • Year 8-10 students: limit 4 books

We will adjust these limits according to individual circumstances.

However, it must be understood that all borrowing is the responsibility of the borrower. Students are responsible for caring for books they have borrowed, and for returning them on time and in good condition. If students do not do this, they may have their borrowing privileges withdrawn until either the book is returned or paid for.

We want all students to enjoy our resources. This will happen if they accept the responsibility for caring for the books they borrow, and returning them so that others may also enjoy them.